We're twin brothers who've been obsessed with deli snacks since we were kids - from cured sausage, salty & sour pickles, beef jerky, hot sauce, to delicious sandwiches and more.

Having lived on the East Coast USA later on in life for close to 5 years, there was one thing that we missed the most when we moved back to the UK: the local delis and bodegas. 

The local bodega is the life-force of every neighbourhood, a UK corner shop equivalent. They sell the usual everyday snacks, but often sell their own homemade goods such as pickles, sandwiches, jerky, and more.

Missing those East Coast deli snacks, we made batch after batch of fermented pickles, experimented with fermented hot sauces, smoked plenty of sausage & meats and made some killer jerky.

Producing deli style goods is now a way of life for us.
And we want to share our good grub with all of you!

We’re always striving to elevate your plate, and are always working on new products to drop.

So come fill up ya belly at the Double Chin Deli.